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Citation: World J Clin Cases. 2014 Dec 16;2(12):822-7. 

Authors: Andreas L Ioannou, Georgios A Kotsakis, James E Hinrichs

Abstract: During the incipient steps of periodontal treatment, clinicians are usually asked to predict the prognosis of teeth with compromised periodontium. The aim of this literature review was to investigate the association between periodontal Prognosis, Tooth Loss and risk indicators, such as smoking and genetics. Results showed that the definition of good prognosis has much higher predictability than the one for questionable prognosis. Several risk indicators for periodontal prognosis and tooth loss are discussed as well as different definitions of questionable prognosis and their success in predicting tooth loss. In conclusion, the major focus of future studies should be to construct simplified prognostic models with high predictability that will increase the confidence of dentists and periodontists when assigning teeth prognosis.

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